Other Life forms In Universe

This is the big question and hello. Often wondered if there are any other types of life out there somewhere in the universe?????

As often as I have wondered others have too. Some are even looking. But what are they looking for??????

Radio signals? Infra Red Emissions? Or the Goldilocks planet?

Well it is a moot point really as all of the universe is the same stuff that makes up life as we know it. Ok to find if a similar life form has emerged somewhere is a great goal….BUT……If we do get a radio message from 10 million light years away so what?????

By the time the message has reached us the life form may have become extinct.

I have specifically kept the distance number within mind range. Millions of light years ….now if we did get a message and we sent one back to “Them” it would take another 10 million light years to reach “Them”

So if “Them “ are further away it would take longer to reach us and longer to send something back to them.

Remember when you were younger and you had a pen pal in another country ..in the days before internet …..when you posted a letter…yeh long ago long, long ,ago. Well this sort of communication would be like that, only it would take much longer for the letter to arrive.

What I think is missing is the de facto belief that we are all life everything throughout the universe. Every single tiny particle is life.

So the building blocks of life are all there, throughout the universe from it’s beginning to now.

Perhaps not combined in groups that represents our known forms but it is all there.

Our search should be to discover further forms of combinations of the magic “Stuff” that we are made of to enable us to expand our minds.

When I start a painting I do not think but during the painting I am controlled to a degree by these sorts of thoughts. This maybe because I am looking at combinations of life forms in what might be their embryo stage. Or might be millions of light years later long after they have become extinct.

Perhaps our minds are mini versions of the universe in certain ways (which makes sense as our minds are made up of stuff that makes up the whole feckin deal!).

What I will say is that we must keep searching for life beyond Earth. We owe it to our tiny, tiny, particles.

Take care and stay well



Lyrics and Painting

Galaxies Crossing pt8



I have been away and “not on the planet” for a while. Now is the time to put a decent spurt on and get some more words down on paper.

What has changed?  Well my mind has wandered quite a bit and been swamped with ideas and musings about lyrics.

This is something that I find too difficult to prevent, when in lyric writing mode, my mind is not under my control. Not that I mind that it is just that my painting suffers.

In the past in my mumblings I have referred to how my mind is attempting to put itself on canvas.

I suppose that with lyrics it is the same thing. Lyrics take me way, way, out of myself into some deeper darker habitat. Again as with a painting I wake up or just before total awareness the picture is in my head. With lyrics I wake (sometimes in the middle of the feckin night) with a line or two. I then rush to get this info down on paper before it is lost.

What is obvious to me is that if I have been struggling with a lyric for a few days it is best to leave it alone. Change the subject, do something else and sometime in the future the line will come to me.

When we had our dog a note book and pen was always in my pocket on walks. The dog got used to being stopped mid stride whilst I scribbled down something that popped into my skull.

Just to mention that having written some stuff for a project called The Rikky Rokker Experience ( a Rock Opera) I am now having the time of my life working with some guys who want to do their own stuff. The bonus is that I speak and write English and the chaps in AREA 45 the group want English lyrics for their songs.

To say this is exciting is an under statement, it is very rewarding listening to their musical talents. Now back to painting….tomorrow.

To be truthful I have three paintings on the go at the moment and should get them nearly finished soon.

They are again scenes from my mind lots of movement of atoms….ideas…..space.

That should do for today keep healthy out there!


BUDDHISM Do They Know Something We Don’t?


Whirlpool Galaxy pt12


Hello all (that was a bit egotistical of me as it is only me and a few who read these posts) Been away on holiday to beautiful Macedonia. What a wonderful country, poor but, lovely.

Whilst traveling around in Macedonia and soaking up the culture and history, which is extensive, I got to wondering about man.

Previously my pointed ramblings have been about Nature and our bit in it. Having been drawn to this over the years the outcome of most beliefs/religions is that when you slough off in the end a jolly nice place is waiting for you. In some cases it may not be jolly nice.

My thoughts stray towards Homo Sapiens decomposing and returning to stuff. After a few billion years our wee planet will get blown to dust all over our solar system (which by then would have been 2 years into mating with Andromeda)

Some of that stuff could well get out of our solar system and into the universe where it will be reformed into some other stuff.

So in a way it is similar to most religions who due to their age did not have science to assist their thinking re The End.

I cannot confess to knowing all about Buddhism but seem to recall that one had to travel through 7 major steps (reincarnation is involved) and if you have been enlightened by your journey you reach the ultimate.

The ultimate what, I am not sure. But wait , reincarnation, that is interesting is it not.

If I popped onto your TV today and stated that we would all be reincarnated as mice or dogs or whatever then you would quite right thinking that I was talking to you from a lunatic asylum. Yet somehow all those centuries ago, real thinkers understood our connection to Nature. Ok they tried to put it into context regarding the times and teachings from their century. This however does not make it crap, in fact it is quite breathtakingly insightful.

What could be said is that in those dark days without science and knowledge there were people who could think things through. The “word ology” is different but the end result is somewhat similar. Be it heaven or anywhere that awaits us after death I am looking forward to being returned to Nature where my stuff will mingle and co-join with other stuff to make different yet similar stuff.

Perhaps if I disguised the above in coded religious mumbo, everybody would accept and understand the import of the statement. Do I really care if they do or don’t? No.

In the end we will meet again but we may not recognise each other as we will be stuff, different stuff but still stuff.

Enjoy your day/week/month/year.


Brian Corcoran

The Universe Us and a wee Idea

Big Ideas but Running Away

In my last post I wondered about just how wonderful the whole of Nature is. What is it that we see in Nature that allows us the “feel good” factor? I suppose we don’t really know.

Guesses can be made but what makes us feel good varies from person to person.

The best show on earth is not really on the earth at all, its “Up There”. I sometimes wonder when looking at colliding galaxies (courtesy The Hubble Telescope) if that is similar to what happens in my mind when several ideas vie for attention.

The electric pulses emanating from my brain/your brain, are quite small. With electronic equipment around today these pulses can be measured.

Scientists are now trying to measure all sorts of things like neutrinos, which may just be faster than light. So if that is true then physicists today will have made a quantum leap ahead from Einstein’s time. If this is true, what else is missing? Well, dark matter and dark energy. Phew! Difficult stuff, could be God like, could it not?

It is indeed exciting times we live in. New and greater understanding of Nature, appear just about every day.

How will it interact with you? My guess is that if you are reading this blog, then you are interested in science and physics, therefore The Universe. But, what of the rest of society? How many are at home now watching something brain numbingly worthless on the TV (Of course some will be watching something worthwhile and interesting)

This is not to say that people do not have a right to choose what they want to watch. If you had a quick look at viewing figures in Europe and America my money is on a soap opera being the top viewed programme of the day. Perhaps a game show  could steal it. Either way for some reason Homo Sapiens Sapiens like to be numbed into submission by banality on the box.

What of the quest for a higher being? The quest for understanding the raw power of Nature? Left to the dedicated few (by head of population) who strive to find the answers, then on finding those answers realise that we need more questions. It will continue so for perhaps a light year.

Now the wee idea, what if we decide now, to begin to understand or try to understand our own little Universe in our heads called our brain?

Where would this lead us?…..well that is for the next episode

Take care and thanks for reading this

Brian Corcoran

Nature The Universe and our ignoring of said Wonder


Ellipsoid Galaxy pt5


I wonder how many humans actually look up (out) into space and wonder? Wonder at the beauty, the majesty, the sheer scale of it? Well,? how many? I bet that just about all humans at one time or another have looked at the night sky and even perhaps felt a little tingle of amazement.

It is more than just amazement it is Nature in the raw. This is the true scale of nature, well, one side of it. The other side of Nature is the Micro/Nano, where we cannot see without the aid of extremely powerful machines. But when we do close in on the beauty of the Nano world the sights are awe-inspiring. When we hear scientists speak of Nano-bots do we close our minds, do we have no image in our head of the bots? (For those who find science a little bit of a hard nut to crack, Nano is 10-9 or ten to the minus power of ten. Bot is just short for robot)

It seems that we find the really small or the extremely large out of our comfort zone. We have a mind that works well with images. In fact to digress slightly when we look at an object we have a picture in our memory of that object. One of the good ways to see just how your mind works with recognition is to look at two photographs where one has slightly altered features and, try to identify the difference.

As we have no real images of the vastness of the Universe it is hard for us to imagine it.

If we take our galaxy it is more than 100 thousand light years across. A light year is 9,460,000,000,000 Kms. So it is LARGE. Our we minds have problems fitting that inside our heads. When problems of magnitude are fired at us we tend to have a “tilt” moment. What comes next is a few milliseconds of forming a question then, we switch off. Now not everyone does this there are many who try to understand all that stuff out there.

We can go back a few hundred years and apart from one or two bright sparks, no one knew anything about “Up There”.

Going back to my post of a few days ago even some religions used the “Up There” to locate Heaven.

With todays knowledge asking the question of a man of religion, “which one of those stars is Heaven?” will no doubt get you a swift boot up the behind. I can however understand this compulsion via religion with Heaven. I can also understand that religions used “Up There” in a way that placated our need for more knowledge of what exactly is “Up There” made of and where did it come from.

The wonderment of the “Up There” should and will continue, it is after all where we come from. Even if we believe this the last question standing will always be, ..”Ok who or what made the stuff that made the big bang?” Strange yet, important to some people. This question stems from the simple statement that; you cannot make something out of nothing.

Perhaps our definition of something and nothing, are in need of revaluation. Whatever that reveals will be interesting.

This will continue and in the next episode I shall try to unite some religious and some scientific theory.

Take care all of you and thanks for reading this.

Brian Corcoran

Nature and the Mind, plus something about a god.



Electric Thoughts

Some older cultures embraced the belief that it was the stars, the heavens, that was our start point. In fact they stated that we came from some distant star. In some cases they had a whole life cycle mapped out and that our forefathers would pop back and take us all home to our planetary ancestral home.

The singular God religions did not show face until quite recently. Yet they also had a heaven. Now I do not find this astonishing as most “new” religions kept a bit of the “old” religion, worship and carried on. So as I say it appears quite normal that we always seem to be looking upwards or outwards, out of earth to find our heavenly sanctuary.

So to recap since we have walked upright virtually, we as Homo Sapiens Sapiens have somehow believed that we are from the stars and or will be going back to the stars when we keel over. After some few thousands millions of years we have redefined beliefs to be more directed to singular deities. This in turn has brought new and quite disturbing annexes of religious fervour to the table.

What has this to do with art? Well since I started painting I realised that everything held in my mind must have an influence on what I paint. When I began to analyse my work and the reason of a piece of work, my thinking cap on, I wondered how much of an influence it could be.

For many years I worked in Satellite Communications. Perhaps this gave me an interest in space. Perhaps watching the first moon landing was more profound on my mind. Understanding or trying to understand where we came from has always interested me. It was but a small step for me to connect the dots in my mind.

Having travelled quite extensively has broadened my horizons. What has been wonderful is meeting peoples from so many differing cultural and religious backgrounds. I have always treated my fellow human beings with respect. Respect for their views and their ways. I try not to inflame or upset people using humour more than a stern voice.

It was obvious that many people found my atheism shocking, unnatural, weird or plain stupid and offensive. They did not offer me the same respect that I freely offered them. In fact in some countries it is best not to mention your views as such. Which is fine by me, when in Rome and all that eh?

So back to the strange concept that, we, (Humans in general) have always had some affinity to the heavens/stars/cosmos/universe. Where my ideas come from fro a painting remain a mystery to this day in many ways. I do see the connection between our synapses lighting up and a sparkle of electrons rushing across from one cell to another through the synapses making billions of connections in our brains and the connection between billions of galaxies.

Think of electronic components that work on the gap principle such as diodes etc. It does exist in nature (Ok man may have made some himself) but it is true to say that nature did it first. The wonder of the cosmos is for all to see. Some of us do not like thinking about this vast far away cold strange place.

In my next blurb I will be trying to get my head round this fact of human rejection or disinterest in inner/outer space. Until then take care and thanks for reading this.

Brian Corcoran

Nature Of The Mind.





Disrupted Thoughts

This thing, “Nature” can we pinpoint where it lives within the mind?  Do we have a specific place for this phenomenon or does it pervade our whole mind. By that I mean, is it something that sits in different compartments of our mind?  Is it that one day we wake up and all those different places come together with a singular thought called “Nature”.

What influence does this “Nature” have on our day-to-day lives? Does it influence our love life, our desires, more importantly does it influence our “Creativity”?

It appears that if you write a book and its thousands of years old then that book is “The Truth”. I feel unable to believe what I read in a newspaper or on TV News so why should I believe some old book?.

If I wrote such a book today, I would be sectioned (committed to a mental institution by force) and, even if not sectioned, all would ignore me. It is too far fetched an idea, a concept, that today none such errant stories are believable.

Now having admitted all the above is it equally difficult today to understand “Nature” in its entirety? Look at the whole story of “Nature” open your mind to the possibility that our mind IS NATURE, that they are one and the same.

When I have said in the past that I awake with colours and designs/patterns in my head/mind/brain/thingy, am I saying to myself, is  this “Nature”?

Can we SEE “Nature”? We understand life around us as nature but it is more than that. Looking at the Universe (which can be done, go to www.galaxyzoo.org from there you will see this galaxy. Or go to  http://www.atlasoftheuniverse.com/ there you can find the visible Universe ) we see such beauty, such outstanding design. But if we knew the purpose, the purpose of a Universe we should find it in our mind.

Here is the real human being at play now. We stress purpose; do we understand the limitations of the word purpose? It is very difficult to understand the vastness of space. It is very, very, difficult to understand or try to reason why it is there. Do any other species on this planet spend time contemplating  “why the universe”? Real answer we don’t know. What I am trying to get at is that nature here on earth apart from us just exists as is.

We have set a course higher than other animals in both intellect and ability but more so we believe that we have a soul. The thing that makes us more special (to ourselves) is our ability to think and perhaps have a soul. Trying to understand why I painted something is just the same to me. I do not really know for sure why I did what I did and for which specific reason.

Getting bogged down in this attempt to answer why misses the real point that is right in front of our eyes.  “WE ARE NATURE” a simple, yet true statement. All that we are is stuff and, stuff is Nature. Understanding how we are all connected or interconnected as tiny bits of stuff over perhaps millions of light years is easy. Just watch a star collapse or explode sending debris of stuff millions of light years out further from it into space.

I think that my painting is calling me but hope to continue soon.

Brian Corcoran